2 thoughts on “Sweet enough already?”

  1. Salam Olivia. Asalam alacum and peace be with you too.

    This foreign living is always tough at the start, isn’t it, but I’m confident you’ll hack it. And you’ll hack the language too: in a drawer in the stable I’ve got an old 1980s notebook which lists all the words you understood at 15 months or so (what an embarrassingly doting Dad I was…) and there are dozens and dozens of them. You’re obviously a natural at learning spoken language.

    From your posts it looks as if the urban cow is the Damascene equivalent of the urban fox: I suddenly feel grateful that it’s only fox shit we have to scrape off the back steps.

    In local news this week, your football team beat their detested cockerel-worshipping rivals 4-1, and apparently Hilary Clinton doesn’t like Nick Clegg. Life is good. Watch that sugar intake, or by the time you come home you’ll be that fat person you don’t want to sit next to on the plane. Bettawfeeq and ma’a Salaama

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