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God, Syria, Freedom

Imagine Monday night in Damascus. Someone’s playing gitare on the balcony. I’m crushing garlic and dancing like a loon with the guy cutting the onions, our arak is on the side. The head chef is requesting a malbrour light and … Continue reading

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DnnaDnnaDnna Dnna CATMAN

If you can think of anything stupider than living on the edge of a war zone with to kittens, it’s doing it with an additional rabbit. My flatmates been away, and cat man wanted to organise a surprise for her … Continue reading

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Explosions and Elections

I wrote this on Thursday, but the internets not been working   My day started with a bang. The violence in Damascus has been increasing recently, although English language media hasn’t been reporting it. We’ve heard a few explosions, stood … Continue reading

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The romantic entanglements of my Iraqi roommate

Springs pretty much over here, the gap between too cold and too hot lasts about two weeks here. None the less love is in the air and my flatmate is suffering. When I went to Lebanon to see some family … Continue reading

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