asalam alacum

I’m finaly hear. Today is the first day that the weather has been normal; untill now its been 5 degrees higher than the standerd mid september temriture of 30 degrees.

I’m not having a particually great time, and I dont see why I should pretend that queing, filling in forms in triplcate, drinking endless cups of verry sweet tea (the idea of ‘no suger’ is foreign to Syria, although I know the arabic  that is suposed to mean ‘no suger’ it actualy means ‘less suger’) and being told that I am in the wrong que is my idea of fun. besides no one would belive me if I did. A huge amount of effort, sign language and mutual uncomprehencion are having a small, but definite, effect on the  paper based obstical course between me and the start of term.

On the plus side the people who I live with are very nice, though this means a lot of sitting around smiling at each other when it would be so much easyer to curl up, ignore them and read a book. I have had the difference between omlet and boiled egg explained to me repeatedly, in a veriaty of languages. Did I mention I  pretty much never have a clue what is going on? I’m sure I’m suposed to do something with the knowlage that a boiled egg is, well a boiled egg while an omlet is an omlet, I’m just not sure what. Ideas?

I thought I was getting a mother, a year seven kid and a primary school one, not two daughters in theire mid and late 30s respectivly, but no matter. They are falling over themselves to help me with arabic (I’m getting pretty good at the alphabet), but the trade off is a massive reduction in the freadom I’m used to. The elder daughter Amal (which means ‘hope’ though is also the name of a malitia that figured promently in the early days of the Lebanease civel war) speeks good english, but I have to consentrate alot. needless to say the things i know about Syrian history are irrelevent, and it apears my knowlage of american boy bands is sadly lacking. aparently Syria dosn’t put on its shades and get into its ride with Justian Derulio, and the Klaxons havn’t released a disapointing second album, they havn’t released one at all. More abut her another time

I think I live in a predomently Shia area, as the roads are all named after leading Lebanease or Iranian Shias. It seams to be pretty up and coming (aparently the street lights cost 2 and half thousand dollers each), though yesterday I got lost and wandered around in a mudbrick shanty town with lots of cows. I quite enjoyed that.

I think I need to go do boring stuff now.


PS. I am sorry abvout the spelling, the efort of spell checking it apears to be breaking the internet, so I hope you can deal with it.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

One thought on “asalam alacum”

  1. We can always cope with your spelling – it’s worth it to hear from you. Good luck with the boybands, and I wish you many more enjoyable cows 🙂

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