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Syrian English

Language hear is not to be taken for granted. First theres the difference between Ameya (or colloquial Arabic) and Fussha (which at home is divided into modern standard and classical, though hear people just know how much Fusha to use … Continue reading

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The worlds worst ‘caving’ weekend?

Caving with ACC is easy. And because I used to organize so much of it, it generally fitted with my schedule. I never organized it to include elderly services driven by smugglers intent on exploring the retail opportunities in duty-free. … Continue reading

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Garnish and Globalisation.

‘I’ll have a vodka and orange please,’ Mohammad asked the waiter, no one having explained to Syria that vodka mixers are for girls. The vodka and orange arrived, but appeared to have a solid orange rectangle in it. On inspection … Continue reading

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Luner Park

We’re not talking Bret Eston Ellis hear, rather the shopping mall hel with a particularily Arab twist that sidetracked my attempts to go to Lebanon. Out by the air port and home to the worlds largest resturant (seating 6 thousand … Continue reading

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I’m still feeling incredibly tiered all the time, the Lebanese cavers seem to be the same sort of amiable faff as their British equivalents (we might go caving, we might not, we don’t really know whats going on, we might … Continue reading

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Holidays and stuff

Hellie and I have had a pretty action packed week, the first highlight of which was Palmyra, ‘The bride of the desert.’ It was indeed pretty spectacular, but had enough detail and small bits to allow you to get a … Continue reading

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