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Iranians vs Israelians.

If Amal had been born in another world she’d have been an academic. Her passion is comparative religion, she enjoys explaining varios islamic belifes to me, espechialy how Islam and Cristianity are related. In the Middle East the easyist way … Continue reading

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I’ve got Ham but I’m not a hamster

The otherday a man tryed to seduce me. He did quite a good job, in that I was talking to him. As I wondered how to get out of my predicament he asked me what my degree was in. ‘International politics’ I … Continue reading

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I can’t think of a witty title.

Yo Yesterday I visited the Umayyad mosque. Not only is it Islams third most important site (according to the Syrians. The Tunisians claim that they have the third holiest mosque, and this is only the fourth most important) but it … Continue reading

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Sweet enough already?

The sugar in my house is kept in a container slightly larger than the average caving survival kit. So far it has been refiled 3 times.

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asalam alacum

I’m finaly hear. Today is the first day that the weather has been normal; untill now its been 5 degrees higher than the standerd mid september temriture of 30 degrees. I’m not having a particually great time, and I dont … Continue reading

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Good bye to all that

On Saturday I went on my last caving trip for a while. Rich, Henry and I became the 15th group this century  to visit the Geryon, at the arse end of Draenen. As a result of a slight navigational error … Continue reading

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