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Hellies coming

Hellies coming tonight. Everyone I know hear says ‘wow. Your friend must really like you,’ when I tell them. Then they’re shocked when I admit I’m not intending on meeting her 20 past 3 flight. In an attempt to mollify … Continue reading

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Life & Paperwork

I’ve finally got my rental contract, just in time for Iqamas, or residency permits, to take their place as everyone’s paper based boring topic of conversation. Getting my contract was immense. It involved being taken to a poky little office … Continue reading

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Changes. Chchchchanges

My landlord come into my room, scattering refrigerator ash and icons of the virgin all over it.  ‘Olay’ he bellowes. ‘What are you doing?’ I’m sat on the floor of my room, writing out all my vocabulary in neat. all … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

This, my friends, is beer. Lebanese beer.I had one! Not bad, in a largery kind of way. I was invited to a house party given on Thursday by a friend of a girl at the institute, and managed to negotiate … Continue reading

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Look what I got in my inbox

arabesk studies in damascus to me show details 3:53 AM (16 hours ago) Marhaba how are you? i have a small problem because the family just informed me that they cancel the contract for renting because they have sold the … Continue reading

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‘The Cave Exhibition.’

My last few posts might give the impression that I’ve been spending more time attempting to learn Arabic than taking advantage of Damascus’ tourism opportunities. This impression is for the most part correct. Its hard work, and all the museums … Continue reading

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Intresting facts about Arabic

Traditionaly the bedu have been able to select one of about 1000 words for theire camal depending on its age, sex condition, weather its pregnant (and if so how pregnant), and wether its any good as a camal. In ‘Arabian … Continue reading

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