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Syrian Superstars

P and I are both professional speakers of English. Neither of us can understand why you’d want to be a film star, which is what our major marketable skill last saw us doing. That said I don’t think I’ll ever … Continue reading

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The Dutch, they do more than raw fish!

On Friday, some of us got together, drunk Araq, and listened to a friend play the oud. Good times. However, rather bad times had happened else where in the country that day, with the ‘big men’ admitting to 19 dead. … Continue reading

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Climb like a cucumber, fall like an aubergine

As I looked through the text book and planned my lesson I got pretty excited. I love my students dearly; I worry about the ones I can’t get to engage with the course and I try to be the kind … Continue reading

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What the patient says.

For me life continues. However I watched some men go into a shack next to my block of flats, pull out the collection of rugs and blankets that the family living there have instead of furniture, and destroy the building. … Continue reading

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