Hellies coming

Hellies coming tonight. Everyone I know hear says ‘wow. Your friend must really like you,’ when I tell them. Then they’re shocked when I admit I’m not intending on meeting her 20 past 3 flight. In an attempt to mollify them my friends arranged for his friends father, whose a taxi driver, to go and get her for half the price charged by the official airport taxis. Damascus is definitely a friends friends fathers kind of place. We’re going straight to Palmyra, which may have camel racing on, for the European weekend.

Yesterday a friends friend had a party in his restaurant. Admission included unlimited free drinks, and was priced at 600 SY for men, 400 SY for women, and 50 for practicing Muslims. it was an odd occasion. with no one taking money at the door punters wandered around offending various Arabs and Turks by assuming they worked their and attempting to pay them. If i was staging an event that relieyed on people not drinking to make me a profit i probably wouldn’t have had little bowls of salty free nuts either.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

6 thoughts on “Hellies coming”

  1. Hi Olivia, I’m here with gran who was very excited when she heard we had access to your blog.
    We both admire you very much, it all sounds incredibly adventurous and makes for good reading infact! Quite exciting! Grandpa thinks it wouldn’t make a bad novel! Our lives look quite dull compared to your adventures!
    I myself (Madeline speaking here) ventured to The Elan Valley in Wales, which isn’t quite as exotic as yourslef, but was quite fun all the same. I went with my frineds family to a hoilday cottage in ryahder-or something like that. We saw some dams etc. My friedns father insisted on taking us round them in the car for about 4 hours. It was pretty dull in all fairness.
    Her mother is a pretty fine cook though, so my efforts were worth it! haha, I’m joking it was a good week.
    Gran and I have been doing some baking ourselves. She is here because Charlie has ‘whisked’ (mum drove tehre herself) her away to Marlborough for a night or so as it is her birthday.
    Back to the baking, which has been the highlight of my weekend :/ haha. Oh dear.
    We have baked Scones and A lemon cheesecake! It was delightful, I’d never ventured into the land of cold puddings before so it was rather a new expereince for me, but I had grans wise advice to follow so I got through okay. Wish you could taste it. It’s Fabulous.
    The horses are still going strong. Strong being the main word. We havn’t braved Flex yet after his ‘bucking fit’ , but I expect I’ll get on him sometime soon.

    Much Love,
    Maddy and Gran


    1. Rayadah, or however you spell it, is about 40 minutes away from Aber. next time you stay get yourself taken to Camystwyth. its beautiful in a bleak kind of way, though if you dont like the elan maybe seanerys not your thing.
      I rember coming back from a caving weekend and all looking at the stars reflected in one of the resevours and useing someones google phone app to findout what they all were…
      baking sounds really good. make me some when i’m back in the UK.
      good luck with your bucking broncos

  2. You haven’t posted for aaaaaages : (

    What’s going on? Are you ok? I hope you are too busy having fun.

    Also, send me your address asap or I will bombard your inbox with multiple emails every….time I remember.

    Love you & miss you,


  3. ps. I read the bit about the party in the restaurant to my mum, and she said you should write a book. When you are a famous writer I expect a LOT of credit, ok? : )

  4. I hope you’re having fun my lovely! We are all getting ready for CHECC in a few weeks, Tim is dying his hair orange and I’m helping 😛 All the freshers keep asking who you are and we need you to come back to say hi! Miss you and your throwing, the socials havent been the same as we’re just not as aggressive as you when you threw things! Have a great time

    Becca x x x x

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