Intresting times

Peoples phones have been going off, the message – protest, Parliament building, Saturday. People don’t know how to react. Initially some people suspected that the governments behind it, in an attempt to find out who the opposition are. American newspapers (far more anti Syrian than their UK brethren, to the extent of implying Syria had a role in the Hararri bombing despite leaks from the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon seeming to clear Damascus of involvement) have decided its official. The message has got off the internet and phones andis doing a bit of word of mouth. Here though as a question. Have you heard? Or do you think its real? A big question is why Saturday, not after Friday prayers when frustration and anger traditionally boils over in the Middle East. Could foreigners be behind it? If so is it the CIA or Language students?  Its hard to tell how seriously people are taking these theories. I’ve been making a special effort to talk to all the Syrians I can, but everyone loves gossip and stuff. Lifes going on as normal, people are still prioritizing exams, love and work.This detachment makes it harder to tell how seriously the conspiracy are considered. I’m obsessed by the why Saturday question.

Thes also a anti-test planned on the same day, which makes the protest more real.

The may, or may not have been, solidarity action today at the Egyptian Embassy. As a Syrian friend said, this is Syria, no one knows anything.

The Jordanians got some political concessions, who saw that coming? Al-Jazera English and the BBC let me down.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

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