Luner Park

We’re not talking Bret Eston Ellis hear, rather the shopping mall hel with a particularily Arab twist that sidetracked my attempts to go to Lebanon. Out by the air port and home to the worlds largest resturant (seating 6 thousand and 14) the complex is made up of fake louir vally chattaus, replecar palmyran ruins and mock crusader castles. Its hideous, but strangly hypnotic.
Liz, Sayid and I started off with bowling in a deserted building trying verry hard to be an american diner. Although the blareing music was western the middle eastern flavouring was given by the acamanying vidios of arab pop hits and the ash trays liberaly scattered under the non smoking signs.
after 3 enjoyable games, which i turned into a demonstration of chaos theory we concluded that Sayid was the winer. In surch of the 4D cinima, we went to the worlds largest resturant. While your waiting for your meal you can stroll around the ‘ruins,’ admire the waterfalls, marvel at a meteorite, buy crap, race go karts and even buy some corn on the cob from a nice man with a boiler. Did i mention that the Arab world does an amazing line in kitsch?
Unfortunantly the cinima was having problems with the fouth dimention and was closed.
undetered we went to ‘Ski land,’ in a Disney castle. on a small ice rink kids gingerly skated looking bemused and whereing bike helmets. This suprised me seeing as cycling and moterbiking in crazy traffic are activities for which a helmet is deamed unnecessary. The rink was overshaddowed by shitloads of shops and a massive pirate ship. being eid the whole place was rammed. it seems to attract the devout, unusually for the bits of Damascus my friends and I live (in the wider senmse of the word) in, the were lots of veiled women.
We dodged the crowds and entered the pireat ship. while this only showed short 3D films, and the the technology was along way south of Avatar the crowd was extremely enthusiastic. I’m not sure if the wasn’t a sound track, or if it was drowened out by the screaming. we emerged feeling rather sick and were once again confronted with the shops. the cloths on desplay bore the same resembilance to western fasion that the castle housing them did to 14th centuary military arcitecture.
we ignored the men selling street food and hopped in the car to go to ‘happy land.’ this was verry close, but the ideosyncratic road layout ment we passed alot of familys camped out by the road, smoking naggila and letting off theire eid fireworks. one entering the amusment park men were frisked in surch of bombs. noone bothered to check the womens handbags.
prahaps unsuprisingly given it was only 14 degrees the only ride that didn’t have a que was the water slide. equally unsuprisingly we got wet through, and were then cold. added adreniline was added by the knowlage syrias helth and safty regime is pretty lax (read non existant).

I know i sound like a supiriour little bitch in this entry; my sole defence is that i’d sound just as supirior had i been to a British low budget Vegas meets bister shopping village.

i’m caving in lebanon on monday. i know my english is appaling in this entry, i’ve done alot of studying today and it makes me stupid. our night did have a conclusion, but i’m going to a party now.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

One thought on “Luner Park”

  1. Brilliant stuff, Olivia. Great to see you back on such cracking form. I hope you’re not thinking of going down those lebanese caves without the greatest helmet light in the world, are you?

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