Look what I got in my inbox

arabesk studies in damascus to me
show details 3:53 AM (16 hours ago)


how are you?

i have a small problem because the family just informed me that they cancel the contract for renting because they have sold the flat. they never informed me of this and they took us by surprise. they have to deliver the house this week.

YOU have got a small problem? YOU have a SMALL problem? And they informed you at 4am? Somehow I doubt that. I think you sat on this for an evening at lest.

do you have friends that know rooms in Bab Touma or Old City?

if you want, we can assist you looking for rooms. i have some phone numbers contact or websites.

please let us know.

as it is only one month you are in the famiuly, we will refund you the rest of your money

Mate, you are refunding me every night I havn’t slept theire, none of this rounding up bollocks.

sorry for the inconveniences.

Muhammad Iskandar

I need a rental contact ASAP or I’m going to be back on Mendip within a month. I do not need this.

Mohamad ‘really pretty usless’ Iskander sent me a text message asking me to check my email when I got the chance, but I didn’t expect this. He could have called. The family, who I live with, could of told me. This is, in a word, gay.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

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