I’ve got Ham but I’m not a hamster

The otherday a man tryed to seduce me. He did quite a good job, in that I was talking to him. As I wondered how to get out of my predicament he asked me what my degree was in.

‘International politics’ I replyed whearily.

He glared at me, as if though I’d leured him into talking to me under false pretences.

‘Everyone knows politics students don’t like men,’ he spat, and stalked off.


In the old city the streets are narrow. people have trained jasmine and vines along wires so they grow from one side of the road to the other, shading the path below. Lots of the shops have caged birds hanging outside them, theire song mixing with the street sellers crys. One idiosyncratic shop has a cage with two Syrian Hamsters hung outside it instead. No one seems to have told them that they are supposed to fight to the death and then eat each other.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got Ham but I’m not a hamster”

  1. Hey Oli!

    Just had freshers fair here, signed up about 177 freshers, and a good 30 were really interested! Girl called Brigid is from county clare (yaaay) and she said she’s excited! We even had one girl nearly wet herself because she wanted to join so much. Wierd lol! But yeah it went really well, hopefully should have a good turn out tomorrow.

    Speak sooooon, Love love x

    1. Hay Becca

      Lots of wiered people join the caving club, you might have noticed. by all acounts your doing great. well done. hope you all have a great time tonight, and everything goes well at the weekend. chris & I have about 1001 thermouses if you wanna borrow.
      tell toby to stick my tackle sack, thumper, in the kit hut, she’ll get bored without me to exersise her.
      got a solid plan for the weekend yet? let me know when you do. needless to say i’m stalking you all on abercavers.co.uk

      hope on a personal level everythings as great as on a club one.


      1. Well the social went well, loads of interest! We’re taking 6 freshers down to Bridge on Saturday, and 9 down LLY on Sunday. is quite exciting! I’m going both days, and we will of course take Thumper, it misses you 🙂 Everything is ok at home too, just got my loans and all the uni stuff is sorted yaaaay.

        Speak soon hugs x

    2. good luck Hun. let me know how it goes. planning on taking the freshers and putting in an appearance at Tims party? If you dont use a sling on the ll entrance you’ve out-caved Alex, Alison, Toby, Huw and Fran, and avoided being mocked by the older lot. Enjoy it

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