Good bye to all that

On Saturday I went on my last caving trip for a while. Rich, Henry and I became the 15th group this century  to visit the Geryon, at the arse end of Draenen.

Needless to say, this is a Henry photo. It looks better in real life, as does Rich.

As a result of a slight navigational error (I kept on saying it was too crap to possibly be the way on, but as I’d not read the description I can’t blame Henry for ignoring me) we also explored a chunk of Luck of the Draw. This, combined with ogling the fantastic formations at the start of Luck of the Draw, Henry’s artistic ambitions and a slower pace on the way out (what can I say? The Last Sandwich, 23minutes of crawling on the way in, will eventually kill me on the way out) resulted in a 12 hour trip.

We had also rescued a really skanky sheep that had got itself caught, dangling from the hind leg, in wire. It then insisted in falling into streams and lying on its back. Eventually in frustration we got the farmer to deal with it. All in all a long day.

We had a good time caving and chatting away and although I’m really excited about living in Syria and studying Arabic I’m far sadder to be leaving Wales than Graves was leaving France or Boars Hill.

Author: adventuresinarabic

I'm studying Arabic in Damascus, living through the Arab Spring and blogging about my experiences hear.

One thought on “Good bye to all that”

  1. Hey Olivia: you, the Pope and my parents have all flown away on the same day – I feel bereft! Hope you and your bags made it safely to the new home in the Levant. That fox we saw on the way to Heathrow this morning was An Animal Of Good Omen, I think – an auspicious start to your new life. Remember when we used to watch for foxes when we were on the Hampton train? What’s the urban wildlife like in Damascus? Somewhere in this house, if I could only find it, I reckon we’ve got the 1994 edition of the Rough Guide to Syria and Jordan which – as soon as I do find it – I’m going to start studying so we can come and see you. Take care of yourself, have loads of fun and let me know how you’re getting on. Much love – Dad.

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